Our Point-of-Sale systems are easy to use, highly functional and versatile. They can be controlled via a regular Windows keyboard or via a programmable keyboard and include many useful features, such as search functions, calculation functions and supervision functions. Powerful features allow you to customize the screen layout for easy integration with touch screens.

The sales screen is fully customizable and can function without the use of a mouse. Fully programmable keyboards, even on the normal 101/3 Windows Keyboard. ODYSSEY even allows you to create fast PLUs or even fast department keys on normal Windows XP keyboards.

The screen layout is composed of a user-friendly graphical user-interface, which resembles those of a cash register. More than one cashier can use the system, each with his or her own individual cash drawer. This allows you to deal with more than one customer at a time, which makes the procedure smoother and less time-consuming.

The quotation system in the Point of Sale allows quotations to be converted into invoices. Easy searching of previous quotations by either company or date. Full reporting system for items on quotation, this simply makes the management of quotations easier.


  • – Programmable keyboards or standard Windows keyboards. No mouse required during sales.
  • – Fast sales with minimum keystrokes per sale. Create shortcut keys or department keys.
  • – The sales screen can be changed to accommodate your individual needs.
  • – Easy search options on description, stock codes or departments etc.
  • – System allows you to help more than one customer at a time simultaneously.
  • – More than one cashier is allowed per machine – each with his or her own individual cash drawer.
  • – Cash-up procedure is quick and easy, with cash declaration. Either at POS or in Back-Office.
  • – Delivery, debtor or lay-bye sales with tracking and automatic payments.
  • – Cash register look-alike screens and functions (voids, pay-out, discount, refunds, etc.)
  • – Quotation system allows for easy management of quotations.
  • – Either online or offline Mode provides a complete network solution